Scientific Informatics Solutions

Drug Discovery   We create computational tools that advance search for life-saving medicines.

Research   We work with premier genomics, biofuels, and biotechnology institutions.

Medicine   We develop advanced IT solutions for personalized medicine.


"As a lead for PerkinElmer's next generation CGH Array (DNA chip) product, I benefited tremendously from IFX informatics expertise and hard work."

"We were impressed by professionalism, creativity and ability to deliver quality while staying in time and on budget."

"We have been able to publish three articles and obtain two competitive grants within the last 12 months and this is just the start. This would not have been possible without [your] expertise."


IFXworks Awarded Prestigeous Phase II SBIR Grant

IFXworks has been awarded Phase II SBIR grant sponsored by the US Army, to develop computational technology for discovery of biomarker panels from very large and noisy "omics" data sets.

Technology Leader

IFXworks is an information technology consulting firm specializing in biomedical research informatics solutions. We build, install, and support cutting-edge computational biology tools, assemble and annotate genomes of plant and animal species of economic significance, and discover biomarkers that help treat previously incurable diseases. We serve biomedical and clinical researches in the United States and throughout the world.

IFXworks provides its clients with a unique combination of scientific integrity and the latest computing technology, allowing them to achieve their goals on time and on budget.

Our Team

We are domain experts in the field with over 60 years of combined experience exclusively focused on biomedical computer applications. Company principals hold doctorate degrees from the major research universities in North America. We support all areas of computational and systems biology from fundamental genomics research and computational chemistry to clinical knowledge management and validated pharmaceutical IT solutions.

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