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01/19/2012 IFXworks LLC is awarded a Phase II SBIR award by US Army, to conduct research work in complex biomarker discovery.


04/06/2011 IFXworks LLC is awarded a Phase I SBIR award by US Army, to conduct research work in complex biomarker discovery.


02/25/2011 IFXworks LLC has signed a contract with the University of Iowa School of Medicine, to conduct analytical work on the eye tissue microarray data.


11/20/2010 IFXworks LLC has become a North American distributor of Simbiot bioinformatics software for microarray, genomics, and Next Generation Sequencing data analysis. Simbiot is an on-line product developed by Japan Bioinformatics KK. Further details about this software and demo accounts are available on our Simbiot for Next Generation Sequencing web page.


11/02/2009 IFXworks LLC has engaged on a project with Baxter Biosciences. Dr. Makarov, IFXworks LLC Principal, is leading this effort, focused on laboratory informatics and long-term information preservation.


09/01/2009 Dr. X-F. Chen, IFXworks LLC Principal, has engaged on a project with Battelle Memorial Institute, working on bioinformatics and systems biology.


11/15/2008 IFXworks LLC announces plans to enter into a partnership with the University of South Dakota to work on informatics support of bioenergy research projects. This effort is a representation of our committment as a company to the environmentally-friendly energy industry in the United States and towards eventual energy independence of our home country.


10/21/2008 IFXworks LLC completes a large software project for a Fortune-50 pharmaceutical company. Today IFXworks LLC principal, Dr. Vladimir Makarov, closed a long-term software development project that he had managed for the last 12 months on behalf of a major pharmaceutical company based in La Jolla, CA. The main focus of this effort was creation of the industry-leading electronic marketplace for contract research services specific to pharmaceutical research and development. "Today the pharmaceutical industry is shifting to the business model based on outsourcing of various business processes. Outsourced work may include such steps as target discovery, parallel organic synthesis, and screening, in addition to traditionally outsourced clinical research. As this trend is spreading through the industry, we expect that demand for contract reaserch services would explode. This growth, in turn, necessitates the need for specialized exchange platforms", commented Dr. Makarov. IFXworks played a management consulting role in this project and collaborated with off-shore development partners to deliver the system on time and under budget.


08/28/2008 Dr. Vladimir Makarov, IFXworks LLC principal, is invited to teach at the University of Maryland University College. Dr. Makarov will deliver a series of lectures in the biotechnology management graduate program at UMUC in 2008 and 2009. "The student body at UMUC is very mature", said Dr. Makarov. "The students in UMUC graduate programs typically have a decade or more of leadership experience in industry, government or the US Military. It is always a pleasure and a priviledge to work with such distiguished audience". It is expected that about 100 individuals will take advantage of this training opportunity.



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