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Vladimir Makarov, PhD, MBA

Vladimir has over 20 years experience in the sciences and information technology, with specific interests in biological and chemical applications and international business. Before founding IFXworks Vladimir led a multi-year, multi-million development project at Pfizer where he build an on-line marketplace for contract research services. Prior to Pfizer Vladimir developed information systems strategy at Amgen, world's largest biotechnology firm. Vladimir worked in Software, Biotechnology and Pharmaceutical industries since 1986. His career spanned several start-ups and multi-national corporations. Vladimir earned a Doctorate in Computational Biology at Baylor College of Medicine, one of the major centers for the public Human Genome Project, and an MBA at Pepperdine University in Los Angeles. Vladimir is teaching bioinformatics and technology management at the University of Maryland and California State University.


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Jeff Chen, PhD

Dr. Chen serves as a Chief Scientific Officer of IFXworks, bringing over 15 years of professional experience in diverse areas of computational and systems biology. Jeff's scientific strengths include genome annotation, network analysis, functional and comparative genomics, proteomics profiling, micro-array transcription profiling, biological databases and data integration. During the course of his academic and industry careers, Dr. Chen was personally responsible for assembly and analysis of over 170 microbial and 5 plant genomes, and also mouse and human genomes. Dr. Chen assembled human genome-scale protein-protein interaction networks, as well as conducted research in target discovery for treatment of colon cancer. Dr. Chen has authored over 30 peer-reviewed publications and over 20 US and international patents. Before joining IFXworks as a founding partner, Jeff was an assistant professor at the University of Virginia, Project Manager of Proteomics Cyber-infrastructure in the NIH/NIAID National Biodefense Program on Human Pathogens, Virginia Bioinformatics Institute. Prior to his academic career, Dr. Chen worked for Prolexys Pharmaceuticals and Monsanto Company. Jeff holds a Doctorate in Genetics and a Master's in Computer Science, both from Iowa State University, and a Master's degree in Biochemistry from the Chinese Academy of Sciences.


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Richard Zhang, PhD

Richard Zhang is an experienced program manager. He represents IFX in the National Capital (DC, MD, VA) area. During his 12-year career in biomedical informatics, Dr. Zhang worked in a wide range of government and commercial scientific environments, and is an expert in sequence analysis, text mining, computer simulation tools and database systems. Before joining IFXworks, Dr. Zhang was a Subject Matter Expert at Sophic Systems Alliance, where he led as company Principal Investigator on the NCI SBIR cancer biomarker grant, and on discovery informatics consulting projects at NCI and Wyeth Pharmaceuticals. Prior to Sophic Systems, Dr. Zhang was a project manager and senior informatics scientist at Altana Pharmaceutical, where he managed multiple informatics projects and coordinated external vendor relationships. Prior to Altana, Dr. Zhang was a senior bioinformatics scientist at Celera Genomics supporting the sequencing of the Human Genome, and a bioinformatics scientist at Aventis Pharmaceuticals. Dr. Zhang earned his Doctorate at the College of Pharmacy, University of Georgia. His thesis focused on algorithm design and implementation in computational biology. He also holds a Masters in Chemistry and published research papers in the leading scientific journals.


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Alex Gorlin, PhD

Dr. Gorlin is a Senior Scientist Associate Consultant with IFXworks LLC. Alex is an expert in applied mathematics, statistics and computer science, with over 25 years of experience. Prior to joining IFXworks Alex was a biostatistics lead researcher at Amgen where he pioneered multiple biomathematics projects. Before Amgen, Alex worked for companies in the software and nuclear engineering fields, and was a consultant for international organizations like IAEA and WANO. Alex earned his Doctoral degree in Keldysh Institute of Applied Mathematics of Russian Academy of Science, a famous Russian research organization.


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Keith Steward, PhD

Keith has worked in the Biotechnology and Medical Device industry for some 12 years as an Informatics professional, including as Director of Bioinformatics and Senior Director of Informatics. He managed diverse teams of Bioinformatics scientists, software developers and IT professionals as large as 25 people and as small as a few people, and inspired those direct reports to team and individual successes. Keith was involved in several startups, and worked for two big multi-national corporations. He brought to market 3 commercial Internet-based Bioinformatics applications, and developed a number of internal mission critical databases and applications. Keith was an invited speaker at 3 international Bioinformatics industry conferences due to his highly innovative work. Keith has a total of 26 years of software development experience, of them 12 years in management. Some of the leading companies Keith worked for include PerkinElmer, Monsanto, and Ingenuity Systems. Keith holds a bachelor's and a PhD in Molecular Biology from University of Western Ontario.


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Our world class team developed cutting-edge technologies, published numerous peer-reviewed research papers, and was awarded multiple US and international patents. Every day we deliver amazing results for our clients.

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