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Recently completed projects

Sequencing of multiple plant species IFXworks has recently completed genome sequence assembly of multiple plant species of economic significance. The public Legume Systems and Network Biology Knowledge Base that includes common bean, cowpea and soybean genomes is available here. This effort made use of Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) technologies and collaborations with leading US academic plant research centers. IFXworks principal, Dr. Jeff Chen, is the leader of this collaborative research effort.

Laboratory Informatics at Baxter IFXworks principal, Dr. Vladimir Makarov architected an enterprise solution for automated data capture from analytical instruments for Baxter Healthcare Corp.

Outsourcing Relationship Management (ORM) system for parallel medicinal chemistry for a Fortune 50 pharmaceutical client. This system serves as an Electronic Data Interchange (IDE) and allows world-wide transactions in an environment that provides IP security and tools for management of chemical structures. Our principal, Dr. Vladimir Makarov, was in charge of this development. We regret that because of client confidentiality we are unable to provide the URL to that system.

DiversiLab Web-based molecular fingerprint analysis system for microbial identification and classification. Developed by Dr. Keith Steward, and marketed by bioMérieux SA, France.

FDA-approved on-line glaucoma diagnostic tool. This is the only software of its kind that was clinically tested and is registered by the FDA. Dr. Vladimir Makarov of the IFX team was the primary project manager and the co-sponsor of this development. Peristat web site is supported by Lighthouse International and was developed with assistance of physicians from the Doheny Eye Institute.


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Recent opinions

What our clients, collaborators and colleagues say about us...

For Keith: "As the head of Wyeth's Advanced Research Computing group, I was really impressed with Keith's speed and technical sophistication in implementing a working solution (Gene Set Enrichment Pipeline) to a challenging large-scale data analysis problem in our Department. Within a few months of starting, he was able to address the problem with an innovative and solid solution, and then gave a really impressive presentation to the entire Department explaining the implemented system."

John C. Morris, Associate Director, Wyeth
May 19, 2010

For Vladimir: "Vladimir worked closely with one of my teams. We were impressed by his professionalism, his creativity and his ability to deliver quality while staying in time and on budget. Besides that, he has a great sense of humor making the work experience more enjoyable. Organizations benefit when Vladimir works for them."

Edward Maliski, Sr. VP, R&D Programs, CURE Pharmaceutical, LLC
November 25, 2008

For Jeff: "Systems Biology is a relatively new field in Plant Science and Jeff has enabled us to pursue genomics, transcriptomics and proteomics in a way that few other plant research groups can match. Jeff has provided us with the tools, including databases such as TOBFAC, that we have used extensively. We have been able to publish three articles and obtain two competitive grants within the last 12 months and this is just the start. This would not have been possible without Jeff's expertise. He is an indispensible member of our team and I highly recommend him."

Paul Rushton, Research Assistant Professor at University of Virginia, Charlottesville, VA
November 25, 2008

Our other achievements

We conduct original research, publish and teach in the field of computer applications to biotechnology and medicine.

Before becoming consultants IFXworks founding members contributed to some high-profile research projects, authored numerous papers and became co-inventors for over 30 United States and international patents.


SpectralWare array CGH analysis system for detecting Human Cytogenetic Lesions. Used by Cytogene. Developed by Dr. Keith Steward for Spectral Genomics, and later acquired by Perkin Elmer.

Protein Resource Center (PRC) for biodefense proteomics research at the The National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases was developed with contribution by Dr. Chen. It is anticipated that this proteomics data management system will discover potential targets for the next generation of vaccines, therapeutics and diagnostics to help devise protection against biologic weapons.

Tobacco regulatory transcription factor database The most wide-ranging database of transcription factors in tobacco and probably in any plant species. Co-authored by Dr. Chen.


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Rushton P. J., Bokowiec M. T., Han S., Zhang H., Brannock J. F., Chen X., Laudeman T. W., Timko M. P., "Tobacco transcription factors: novel insights into transcriptional regulation in the Solanaceae", Plant Physiol., 2008, v. 147, p. 280   Link

Makarov V. A., "Computer programs for eukaryotic gene prediction", Briefings in Bioinformatics, 2002, v. 3, p. 195   Link

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US Patent 7314974

International patent WO/2003/067504

European Patent EP1141301

International Patent WO/2008/021543

European Patent EP1887081A2

US Patent 7569389

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