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Simbiot Software for Next Generation Sequencing and Microarray Informatics

IFXworks is pleased to announce that it has most recently entered into an agreement with Japan Bioinformatics KK to distribute its Simbiot product in the US. Simbiot is a comprehensive data analysis suite for NGS and microarray informatics. At the moment, NGS analysis capabilities of Simbiot cover:

  • RNASeq
  • De-Novo transcript assembly and annotation
  • ChIPSeq
  • miRNASeq
  • SNP and Indel discovery
  • SNP Genotyping
  • Full downstream integration to all analysis functions, including expression analysis, differential ChIP analysis,
    association studies, etc

Simbiot follows "software as a service" model and is hosted on a secure remote server. There is nothing to download and install, and the connection is managed via an encrypted protocol. We invite prospective users to try out this exciting software by signing up for demo accounts, available free of charge at www.simbiot.net. We would also be interested in any suggestions as to how to improve this new product.


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Commercial users please contact us for pricing. Volume licensing and academic discounts are also available.

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